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Testimonials 13/14

Below are some testimonials we have received from service users and their families.

“I can already see the difference in my brother with the support of a specialist trained support worker who understands his needs, He’s started doing things by himself that he would never normally do.

He has started taking more pride in his appearance and will also go outside with them to the local shops. Having the Direct Payments allows us to give support in the way suits him and it is obviously working.” October 2012

My brother is still continuing with the services of IHS and I value their continued support. March 2014

"My direct Payments allow me to cater my support to my needs, with the help of my personal Assistants and support staff I can go out with friends or to the theatre and I am not a prisoner in my home.

I can also now live independently, not with my Parents and make my own decisions about what is right for me.

Thanks to everyone around me I can live my life like any normal 23 year old" June 2014

“Choosing a care provider can be a tough decision. My husband and I needed help to care for my father in law with his personal care, cooking, cleaning, medication and shopping.  Individual home care are dedicated carers who will visit clients in their own homes in Chesterfield. IHS not only provided a helping hand they offered my father in law companionship he really looked forward to their visits.

IHS made a point of getting to know William they wrote everything down for him made phone calls and sent emails so he knew when they would be visiting this made life a lot easier for William coping with being deaf.  That way he got the support that was right for him in his own home where he was most comfortable.

Benefits of Individual Home Care

Cleaning and Ironing, Preparing meals, Washing and dressing, Shaving, Shopping and collecting prescriptions, Accompanying you to doctors and hospital visits, Making phone calls, Sleeping in night care, Hospital visits, Assistance with getting up and going to bed .

No job was to small.

I cannot thank Julie, Helen and Olivia at Individual Homecare Services enough for all their hardwork helping my husband and I to care for William  in his own home.”

Belinda Ball - June 2014

The carers have responded really well to Dads changing needs, and ours as a family in supporting him. We feel that the team listen and understand who Dad is, his history and his personality.

This is reflected in his quality of life which involves regular outings to places he loves and to meet friends. Prior to the involvement of Julie and Helen, Dad was very isolated now he has a busy social life with people he trusts. His health is better due to the carers being vigilant about his self-care and that he attends appointments. We feel that the team think about us as a family as well and offer flexibility so that we can spend quality and valued time with Dad.

Dad is so happy at home amongst his own things and he wouldn’t have this without the professionalism  and care of the team.  

May 2014

I work in the office at IHS –

My mum required extra support due to recovering from cancer and a stroke, I am that confident of the quality of staff we have that I use IHS for the calls.

My mum is really happy with the service and I know it makes a difference to her quality of life.

JG – May 2014

After many years of being unhappy with the quality of care we were receiving, we decided to opt for direct payments. We felt overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed until we spoke to Helen.

After meeting with Julie, everything we needed seemed to magically fall into place. A team of 3 people were put into place to meet ALL of our care needs. We could not be more pleased with the service we have received from IHS and find the quality of both our lives has been enhanced tremendously.

We know they care about us and our everyday life and they have become an extension to our family.

We would highly recommend IHS to anyone with care needs

Mr and Mrs F  July 2014

‘Following my Mum’s stroke, we were placed in the position of having to select a care company to meet her needs and to ensure that she remained independently able to live in her home. When selecting a care provider, most companies, on paper at least, look the same and promise similar things. From our experience this is certainly not the case and claims made about providing ‘3 or 4 regular carers’ and carers that are ‘fully trained’ do not always ring true.

Having been with a provider that sent over 50 different carers to Mums house over the course of 18 months, we decided to make the switch to IHS in the hope that they would deliver on their commitments. They have been outstanding in every respect and the difference in quality of service has been significant. My mum is now receiving a consistent service from a small group of regular carers that know her and her individual needs very well. All of the ladies that visit my Mum show exceptional empathy towards her condition and really seem to care about her well-being. Her Key Worker, who visits most days, has a fantastic rapport with my Mum who really appreciates the friendliness and professionalism with which she carries out her care.

To summarise, I can wholeheartedly recommend IHS as a company that delivers on their commitments and provides a professional, reliable, trustworthy and personable care service’

SH July 2014

Like a number of people before me, I approached IHS in desperation.

The agency I was using, albeit authorised by DCC, was woefully inadequate as a care provider.  Some of the carers were okay but the agency sadly let them and our family down.  We got to the stage of mistrusting the care agency.  

They did not follow standard procedures and were regularly failing to contact us.  It was during one of my many grumbles about this that a new agency was recommended to me.  

Over a period of a few weeks 3 different people recommended IHS so I contacted them, thinking that they certainly couldn’t be any worse than what we had.  

As soon as I spoke to Helen, I knew that she was providing a service which I was expecting but not currently getting.  I liked what I heard from Helen and Julie on our first meeting and knew that they would provide a better service helping our family to care for mum who has late-stage Alzheimers.  

It’s reassuring to know that someone will be there at the agreed time to relieve us when we have appointments to keep.  IHS live up to the high standards we as a family demand.  

After all, we want the best for mum and now we have found this in Helen Mellor and Julie Griffiths, the leading lights of IHS.  

LA  August 2014

Individual Homecare Services have been supporting my son, who is 21 years old and has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, for the last year.

Their professional and supportive, yet discrete, care has enabled him to access work experience and social activities that otherwise would have been impossible.

The staff are absolutely wonderful and have always been helpful and flexible. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

GF October 2014

I started using IHS about two years ago because I wanted a bit of help in the mornings dressing, washing, and showering.

They have been well able to give me the help I need and in the way that suits me. A very helpful arrangement.  

JL October 2014

Mum's decreasing health and regular spells in hospital this year meant we had already had some experience of  other care agencies. Their claims to only send 3 or 4 regular carers, in the short time they came, certainly did not happen.

I wasn't really sure when we chose Direct Payments how to then go about choosing a care package for mum. Thanks to Helen, Debbie and the rest of the team they put me at ease from first speaking to them, and I could tell they were going to provide the service I wanted for Mum.  They even made a courtesy call before they first came to introduce themselves and tell me who's mums main carer was going to be. They have tailored the package to suit mums changing needs, offer her invaluable support and treat her with respect. Not only do they care for mums daily needs, they have accompanied her on hospital appointments and provided sleep overs when I had  a few days holiday.

Mum thinks of her carers as friends and eagerly awaits their visits, they are like a breath of fresh air for her. Mum's life is a lot richer for the fantastic care IHS provides.

I would highly recommend anyone to choose IHS .

SC November 2014

Individual home Care services are providing excellent caring, regular and consistent help for my mum.

Absolutely satisfied with all aspects. Thanks a lot.

DB December 2014

The care and attention the carer's consistently give mum are really genuine which is so important not just for mum but for us too to know that mum is in really safe dependable hands.

One area of reassurance is that if a new carer becomes involved with mum the new carer is mentored by the existing one until the new carer is fully up to speed with all mums needs.

The carers have really become proper trusted family friends and really go the extra mile in making sure that the time they spend with mum is of real quality and a happy experience. we cannot recommend IHS enough!!

WB October 2014

"Although MP illness has got progressively worse,her quality of life has greatly improved due to the flexibility and quality of the service provided" (given by a mental healthcare professional)

Auntie Madge loves her support workers, she looks forward to them coming and really likes getting out in the community with them. She feels that she has gained more independence since they have been coming and she feels so much happier" (family member)

Thanks to the lovely ladies that visit me, I feel safe when I go out of my house because I know they will look after me. I now feel a part of the outside world rather than seeing it through my window" (MP)  September 2013