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What are Direct Payments?
Direct payments are an alternative to council provided care that allows you as a person more control over the support you receive and who gives it.

Who is entitled to Direct Payments?

Anyone who has had an assessment by their Local Authority (Derbyshire County Council) and has been given a Personal Budget to spend on support


Anyone who already has support provided by the Local Authority and is receiving a care package now.

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal budget is a fixed amount of money given to individuals after they have been assessed and are found eligible to receive funding from their Local Authority towards the support they need to assist them in their lives

How do I get assessed to see if I am eligible for a personal budget?

You can contact your nearest Social Services Office, but the best way to get an assessment is to ring Call Derbyshire on 08456 058 058. The operators there can arrange for someone to come to your home or another place you feel comfortable and carry out the assessment. Don’t be afraid to ask, you’ll be surprised how many people are entitled to help and don’t realise it

What Happens Next?

After the assessment takes place and you are deemed eligible for a personal budget you should be offered Direct Payments and guidance on how they work. If Direct Payments aren’t offered then ask about them.

How can I find out more information about Direct Payments?

There are many ways to access this information. Click Here to a link to DCC website for an explanation on how Direct Payments work.

Any of our staff would be happy to explain Directs Payments to you.

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